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4Liker APK Download for Android to Auto Like FaceBook Photo & Status

Are you a fan of using the social networking profiles but lack the interest and attention from people due to low likes and profile strength? Well, you do not need to worry anymore as we have the best auto like app for your Facebook posts. This article is on 4Liker APK Download for Android devices to Auto like Facebook Photos & Status which you post.
These days, getting 350+ likes is no big deal for many social networking users. Although some of the Likes are not genuine, people see the number as the most priority to judge a person on social sites.
If you are amidst this confusion and wish to get auto likes for your posts too, then 4Liker APK Download is the safest and best option for you.

4Liker APK Download for Android

The 4Liker Application is available as an app which users can use to have automatic likes on their Facebook Posts and photo/video uploads. With new Facebook features, the app is also upgraded with new features that support the status in the social sites. To use the 4Liker App is easy but first, you will have to download it on your device.
Requirement:Android 4.0+
Developer:4Liker Team
App Features:Get Free Likes for your Facebook posts easily using this app.
File Size:1.49MB
File DownloadAPK Link
Go through the description of the APK file in the table above. In order to get the 4Liker APK Download for your Android, you will have to go through these steps below;
  • Firstly, make the configuration changes on your device settings.
  • Access the settings panel of your Android smartphone.
  • Go to the “Applications” menu or the “security” option.
  • You will have to look for the “Unknown sources” option in either of these options.
  • Once you find it, click on the option and you will see a tick mark on the box that indicates the status of the option.
  • After this, you will be able to access the 4Liker APK Download file for your device.
  • Click on this link here to get it.
  • After the complete download process, click on the APK file.
  • This will display the “Install” option on the screen that you will have tp click next.
  • Allow the installation to complete successfully.
Once the installation is complete, you will be able to enjoy the likes on the posts that you upload next on Facebook. In order to setup this, you will have to provide some liberty to the app servers first. There is no need to worry about the servers of 4Liker to manipulate your personal data as they are very strict with their privacy policies.

Features of 4Liker Application

Many people would not believe about the free likes on social media posts but it is actually possible due to auto liker apps in the market. However, there are other services that cannot be relied upon. 4Liker APK Download is genuine and supports its users by keeping their account details confidential throughout the use term.

There are various features that bind the service to be truthful. Here is a list of the features of 4Liker Application;
  • The application and its service are free for all users to access.
  • It is not available in the Google Play Store for the Android users. So, you will have to rely on the official sources for the 4Likers APK download.
  • The privacy policy of the application binds them to make no disclosure of the use of the app. There is no unnecessary advertisement that the users have to face every time.
  • The system works by providing more than 200 likes for any single post within the first 20 minutes of upload.
  • It is a spam free service which does not post anything else without the consent of the user or on behalf of the service itself.
  • There are thousands of users accessing this services already so it is genuine to make use of.
  • Also, there is the customer support which responds to the queries of any user.
There is no enrollment or separate registration for using this service. Simply you can access the Facebook login using the 4Liker Application and then setup the number of likes that you want.

Finally, this marks the end of our article here. We hope you will make use of this information on 4Liker APK Download for Android devices to get Likes on Facebook Posts and Status. To contact us in case of query, write to 4liker. Thank you.


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